Terms & Conditions

By signing up at SportTeamNetwork (STN), you do agree with following requirements:

- Your club is obligated to upload all the team's home games, whether it is league, cup, regional or European matches. The upload most be finished 24 hours after the game has ended.

- The video must be uploaded in a format that is supported by Quicktime, Mediaplayer or VLC

- The size of the file must not be larger than 1 GB

- You acknowledge that the uploaded material is done in agreement with the expected and agreed.



- Admit that your club have the rights to all the uploaded matches. Sports Team Network can not be held responsible for if you violate the copyright to the matches.

- Your club accepts that SportsTeamNetwork can use your matches as part of the VideoExchangeSystem with other clubs

- SportTeamNetwork can use images and logos from your website for use on STNs website



- Membership is valid for one year from the payment is registered at STN

- The membership is activated when SportTeamNetwork has registered the payment.


- SportsTeamNetwork has the ability to exclude members who do not comply with the applicable agreements or by other means abuse the membership.

- The membership is linked to your club and may under no circumstances be shared with others

- Your access can be blocked, If your club does not live up to commitments to upload home matches on time

- Your club can terminate the membership at any time. If this happens, you will not have the opportunity to get a refund. If your club at a later stage, wishes to become a member again, it must be approved by SportTeamNetwork and will be subject to an administration fee.

General legal terms

STN has the right to change the terms when needed, for example to handle changes in legislation, changes required by official authorities or when functionality on the website changes. It is therefore important that you frequently go through the terms and conditions. The changed version of the terms will be published to the website. If you cannot agree to the changes you must stop using the services. If you continue to use the services after the date of the changes terms has been published - you have accepted the changed terms.

If you want access to the website functions - you will need to create an account. When you create the account all your information will need to be valid and complete. It is important that you keep your password safe and confidential.

If you become aware of a security violation or unauthorised use - you must inform STN immediately.

You accept and agree that you are responsible for the activities that is done from your account

You accept and agree to that all material and content on the website must not be distributed or sold to any other third parties without the accept of STN

You may not copy, replicate, distribute, transmit, send, show, sell, licence or in any other way exploit the content to other purposes without having formal written consent from STN.

You accept that you are responsible for (and that STN is not responsible for you or any other third party) for maintaining your commitment to the terms & conditions and that you agree to the consequences a breach of the terms & conditions will lead to.

You accept, that you cannot upload or put any content on the internet, which contains material that is illegal to possess in the country where you reside or any material that would be illegal for STN to use or possess in connection with the service offering.

You accept, that the content - that you upload to STN - must not contain third party material protected by copyright or material that is protected by third party property right (including rights regarding privacy or publication), unless you have a formal licence or permission from the owner.

STN does not guarantee that you:

  1. will have all your demands for an online service fulfilled
  2. that your use of the website will be without interruptions, security breaches or flaws
  3. that the information you require from the website will be complete and reliable
  4. errors in the website or functionality of the software will be corrected

The terms & conditions are the legal agreement between you and STN - and is for the use of the website services.

You accept, that STN can send you information, also information regarding terms & conditions, via email or regular mail.